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The Heart and Vision

Behind Our Yerba Mate. 

In a world obsessed with personal and physical development, Simply Yerba was first created as an initiative to educate our local community on the overall health and stimulating benefits of this tea. Still passionate students the two started as self proclaimed yerba ambassadors, but following the introduction to their Brazilian agriculture partner, the informative blog soon transitioned into a hub for yerba mate tea and accessories alike. Today Simply Yerba prides ourselves on educating our audience, and supplying our customers around the world with this forgotten superfood. 




James Hielema

& Jordyn Field  


James and Jordyn's journey with yerba mate all started in 2015 while visiting Brazil as students.  The two of them were intrigued by the deep tradition surrounding yerba mate and immediately embraced the community centred culture.  Upon returning home, they began serving yerba mate around their university campus in Vancouver, Canada. They two quickly realized a lack of awareness and availability for yerba mate within their own community. As daily consumers it was difficult to find yerba mate products, and they wanted people to know and love this age-old drink just like they do. They wanted to be part of the solution and started Simply Yerba to share this special drink with people everywhere. 

Our Mission

Like our name, our mission is simple. Remembering the physical health that yerba maté promotes, and the ancient tradition of passing yerba mate amongst close company - It is our mission cultivate personal wellbeing, and foster genuine community throughout the circles in which we operate. This is the driving force behind everything we do.  

Giving Back

In an effort to support the communities where our tea is harvested, Simply Yerba has committed to giving back 2% of everything we make to rebuilding the Brazilian rainforests in the region in which we operate. This initiative is a small step forward as we look to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

Our Process

Protecting our Planet is at the heart of everything we do. While yerba maté can only be effectively grown in certain regions of the world, Simply Yerba works closely alongside our Brazilian agriculture partner to both cultivate and harvest our tea products. With Organic and Fair Trade Certified operations, our partner complies with the highest farming standards and adopts the newest technology in an effort to create a greener future for us all. 

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